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I ran about a mile and a half today outside, massive improvement on the other day. I had to walk a small part of it…. but YES. Improvement. 

Rest day tomorrow and then back out on Wednesday… 

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It’s such a big deal to me to know 400 people are rooting for me :) I love you guys and I’m really grateful. I have met wonderful people in the fitblr world. And I hope you know you can talk to me anytime. 

In the meantime, my 400th follower has just gotten back on track and you should go follow her right now, because I’m sure she would love the support.

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First attempt at a run outside….

And it couldn’t have gone much worse. I managed to run 1/2 a mile and then got a stitch. and had to walk the rest…. :( BUT if it hadnt have been for the stitch i felt like i could have ran furthur… So next time i will be pushing my self furthur !! 

but burned about 150 calories so.. silver lining. 


I am starting again. 

I have previously lost 2 stone got down to nearly my goal weight of 9 stone.. (I was about 3lbs off..) Then i graduated uni, went on holiday for a week and started working full time, so being fit and healthy kinda has been on the back burner.

But i am hopefully gonna restart the healthy lifestyle… start running again and eating healthier.

I will be updating my weights weekly. And will keep a log of my work outs. 

Wish me luck. 

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